Forbidden Agenda

Russia and China are super powers no more.

Putin can't fight a war. He's shown us all his complete and stunning incompetence at warfare. We had no idea he was such a stunningly bad tactician. Hitler level bad. We were led to believe Russia was a power on the level of the U.S. but that's clearly not true. Now that I've seen Russia in action I realize that China and Russia just have a lot of troops and toys. They don't have any idea how to actually use them. They are super powers as much as Somalia is. There is still only one actual super power.

Benjamin Smith & The Normandale Park Shooting.

Portland media is loving comparing Benjamin Smith to Jeremy Christian, the TriMet Stabber. It is an apt comparison because when you watch the actual TriMet video of what happened that day, it's clear to see antifa Micah David-Cole Fletcher caused the entire thing, not Christian. This is harsh, I know. But you should watch the video before you lambaste me.

Your carbon footprint doesn't matter.

People can reduce their carbon footprint all they want. The military industrial complex just takes that as an opportunity to increase theirs. Reduce the world's militaries, just by half even, and you can stop worrying about your carbon footprint. We agreed, as a world, to work together and reduce and limit the number of nukes because nukes posed that much of a threat. Doesn't climate change pose an equal, if not greater threat? And if that threat can be solved by reducing war capabilities world wide, is that not a total win?

The insanity of universal healthcare

So you want to help poor people get healthcare, do you? Well, there are many charitable organizations that say they do too but they need your money to do so. One of those organizations is the U.S. Government. It needs much more money than the other organizations and it has a long record of gross inefficiency and incompetence. If you donate to it, only a small portion of your money will go to help the poor. Some of your donation will be used to drone-strike children and put them in cages, and by the way, your donation is no longer optional.

Just saying the word government doesn't magically solve healthcare. Government is just one of many possible middlemen organizations. I propose that we not involve a non-voluntary and incompetent organization in our healthcare. Instead, let's give to organizations that use a far higher percentage of donations to actually help the poor and none to drone-strike children. Push for lower taxes and spend your money on the charities you like and give governments less for war. Starve the beast.

How To Lose Weight

Eat fewer calories.

Consume 5000 calories and only use 2500? Gain weight. Reverse the numbers? Lose weight. It works for absolutely everyone and there are no medical conditions where this truth is negated.

Eat the three slices of pizza and a bag of chips if you want. The key is to stop eating early in the day. Don't eat later than 3 - 4:00 PM. The more you eat, the earlier you have to stop eating. If you are a drinker, there is no easier way to lose weight than to stop drinking, especially late. If you do want to drink then stop eating even earlier in the day and at least cut back the alcohol. Yes, all the things other guides tell you is true as well regarding eat more protein, fiber, and nutrient dense foods. But, you can lose all the weight you want by eating crappy delicious processed foods and just not eating late.

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California to provide "free" school meals to every student

California providing "free" school lunches is just taking money from poor people via sales tax and giving a very small part back to them. Better to just not take it in the first place, no?

Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory should be renamed to Critical Atrocity Theory. The saying goes, "Atrocity remembered is atrocity prevented." In every atrocity, the devastation creates winners and losers. The devastation brings privileges for the winners and punishes the losers, sometimes for generations. Critical to preventing future atrocity is understanding the true fallout of historical atrocity and the work it takes to repair it. In regards to the U.S. and slavery, the companies and families that prospered were never made to apologize or suffer any consequences. On top of that, much of the U.S. population doesn't even believe there was generational fallout from 300+ years of slavery in North America.

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Minimum wage is a jobs program for the rich.

Employers want to hire the best candidate available. Low pay means low-skilled job applicants. The lower the pay, the fewer expectations hiring managers have for applicants. If a job were to pay $6.25 an hour, the person hiring would expect the least attractive applicants, non-highschool graduates, ex-cons, etc. Force employers to pay more and the applicant pool fills with more attractive candidates, highschool graduates with references and no criminal record. Obviously the company is going to hire the most skilled and most trustworthy employee available. The non-highschool graduates and the ex-cons just got priced out of the market, same with the immigrants and all the other people who would gladly have some level of income versus nothing.

There are government credits and tax benefits for companies that hire ex-cons and other low desirability job seekers, but that's just another case of government creating the problem then "fixing" it with tax dollars. It all ends up being a whole lot of waste. But that's government for you.

Government prevented a lot of mask-wearing.

Most of the anti-maskers are only anti-maskers in defiance of government. If government had just stayed out of it we'd have much more mask usage. It's just like seat belts back in the day, many did not wear one to spite the government forcing them to. Yes the government did have people putting on seat belts who might not have otherwise, but by the time you figure in the people who would have worn one, but didn't out of defiance, you most likely have a wash fatalities wise. Everyone else was going to wear seat-belts without needing to be told to because it was a product the public wanted, which is why it was invented and sold so well, just ask Volvo. But that's government, best you can hope for is the result you would have had without government, but now it costs a lot more.

Socialist Libertarianism. Yes, it's possible

I have no problem with socialism, communism, or any system as long as everyone under the system has joined it voluntarily and is free to leave. You can be a socialist and join together with other socialists voluntarily, because that system is what you believe works best. As long as it's voluntary we should see the best examples of all these systems. Communists claim true communism has never been tried, well now it can be, absent violence. People should be able to voluntarily structure themselves as they see fit. So yes you can easily have a socialist libertarian, a person who believes in limited socialist government.

As long as people can say no to the tax collector and violence not be done to them, I'm all in favor of whatever systems people form. It will be an open market of ideas and the best systems will rise to the top. Vote Everyday, With Your Wallet


Silk Road, created by Ross Ulbricht, was just decentralized infrastructure that welcomed any business to use it. Ulbricht did nothing to especially entice drug or weapon dealers to the platform. They came of their own volition as far as I remember.

The case against Ulbricht was nothing but a government hit job on a person that wrote software that made it hard for the I.R.S. The FBI lied constantly about the case, so much so that the two agents on his case also went to prison for their conduct on his case. Free Ross Ulbricht!

You can't legislate morality ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The idea that generation after generation of our forefathers let the government grow to such a monstrosity makes me question their wisdom. Citizens should never allow government to grow to the point where it feels powerful enough to tell you what you can put in your body or what you can do with your body. That's government completely out of control. Government should be temporary, targeted, and most of all, temporary. Whatever inefficiencies come with that territory are far from the waste and toil generated by the gluttony of current "professional" bureaucracies. Imagine one of your employees telling you how you're going to live your life, telling you what you can and cannot do. You wouldn't put up with it because it's not their place.


Organizations and ideas that can only exist through extortion need not exist. If you came to me with an idea and told me you would fund it through theft, I would not support your idea, nor would any sane person. But when it comes to taxation everyone looks the other way as long as it's "not them." We've been brainwashed into believing government is indispensable, much like people were brainwashed to believe the same of monarchy.

Read My Lips

No new taxes until the military industrial complex is eliminated

Conversely, there will be no need for new taxes once the military industrial complex is eliminated.

A well armed population the size of the U.S. doesn't require a standing army. If you raise taxes without ending the military industrial complex, all you're doing is giving it more money and killing more civilians and creating future wars.

Prohibition, Slavery, and The 13rd Amendment

When they say,

"13% of the population commits 50% of the crime."

You say,

The quickest way to restaff plantations after emancipation is incarceration. The quickest way to incarceration is prohibition.

Donate To Charity

Donate to charity instead of paying yearly taxes. Every dollar donated to charity is less you have to give the state come tax time. You can deduct up to 50%-60% of your adjusted gross income. Be philanthropic. Give directly to organizations you decide should get funding. You can keep all your contributions local and keep your money inside your community. Or pay taxes to grossly inefficient and completely incompetent government, and have them deciding who should get what's left of your taxes after paying for a few new wars and gender studies on guinea pigs in Barbados. Heck, you can even give to organizations that work to reduce government and taxes. It's a win-win.

By giving to charity instead of government, philanthropists avoid supporting the military and prison industrial complex. Their charity helps prevent future wars and end systemic racism. Philanthropists can sleep easier knowing most of their hard earned money isn't being used to drone-strike children and put them in cages.

Today's taxes fund tomorrow's wars. Starve the beast. It's your responsibility.

Leave justice to the non-professionals

A criminal justice system run by the state. Absent that, vigilantism and anarchy. To most, the only two options that can exist. One is great and the other, horrible. But, what can be said about one can usually be said about the other. The only benefit one has over the other is vigilantism is quick and efficient.

Taxation is extortion and extortion is never OK

Of the taxes you paid this year, what amount was paid voluntarily? Everything above that amount is called what? What's the difference between the mob extorting a small business owner for protection and the government extorting every small business for protection? Both the mob and the government say they are providing something in return. Both are providing something the small business person never asked for. Both will do violence to the small business owner if their will is denied. If the small business owner wants protection, they can buy it. If a community wants to help poor people get healthcare, they will donate to the charities of their choice to accomplish this. If they don't donate then the community reflects the values of the members of that community. Of course, communities free of extortion, who don't have half their money disappear to extortion will have more money to donate to the charities of their choice. Poor people who don't have half their money disappear to extortion will need less charity. Today the government extorts communities and donates for them, minus a very large processing fee and payment for a few wars.

If extortion must be used, it must only be used during emergencies. But today, extortion funds congress people's lavish lifestyles and sex studies on guinea pigs in Barbados. Reel it in. I'm not anti-government. I'm anti- extortion-funded-government, as I'm anti- anything funded by extortion, as I was taught as a child by my public school teachers that theft and extortion are wrong. Extortion doesn't suddenly become OK once scaled to government size. We aren't incapable unthinking idiots who need to be nannied by government middlemen dictating to us how to spend our money. The unfettered free-market provides every mechanism necessary to hold each other accountable.