Donate to charity instead of paying yearly taxes

Forbidden Agenda

Donate To Charity

Donate to charity instead of paying yearly taxes. Every dollar donated to charity is less you have to give the state come tax time. You can deduct up to 50%-60% of your adjusted gross income. Be philanthropic. Give directly to organizations you decide should get funding. You can keep all your contributions local and keep your money inside your community. Or pay taxes to grossly inefficient and completely incompetent government, and have them deciding who should get what's left of your taxes after paying for a few new wars and gender studies on guinea pigs in Barbados. Heck, you can even give to organizations that work to reduce government and taxes. It's a win-win.

By giving to charity instead of government, philanthropists avoid supporting the military and prison industrial complex. Their charity helps prevent future wars and end systemic racism. Philanthropists can sleep easier knowing most of their hard earned money isn't being used to drone-strike children and put them in cages.

Today's taxes fund tomorrow's wars. Starve the beast. It's your responsibility.