Taxation is theft and theft is never OK.

Forbidden Agenda

Taxation is extortion and extortion is never OK

Of the taxes you paid this year, what amount was paid voluntarily? Everything above that amount is called what? What's the difference between the mob extorting a small business owner for protection and the government extorting every small business for protection? Both the mob and the government say they are providing something in return. Both are providing something the small business person never asked for. Both will do violence to the small business owner if their will is denied. If the small business owner wants protection, they can buy it. If a community wants to help poor people get healthcare, they will donate to the charities of their choice to accomplish this. If they don't donate then the community reflects the values of the members of that community. Of course, communities free of extortion, who don't have half their money disappear to extortion will have more money to donate to the charities of their choice. Poor people who don't have half their money disappear to extortion will need less charity. Today the government extorts communities and donates for them, minus a very large processing fee and payment for a few wars.

If extortion must be used, it must only be used during emergencies. But today, extortion funds congress people's lavish lifestyles and sex studies on guinea pigs in Barbados. Reel it in. I'm not anti-government. I'm anti- extortion-funded-government, as I'm anti- anything funded by extortion, as I was taught as a child by my public school teachers that theft and extortion are wrong. Extortion doesn't suddenly become OK once scaled to government size. We aren't incapable unthinking idiots who need to be nannied by government middlemen dictating to us how to spend our money. The unfettered free-market provides every mechanism necessary to hold each other accountable.