The Insanity Of Universal Healthcare.

Forbidden Agenda

The insanity of universal healthcare

So you want to help poor people get healthcare, do you? Well, there are many charitable organizations that say they do too but they need your money to do so. One of those organizations is the U.S. Government. It needs much more money than the other organizations and it has a long record of gross inefficiency and incompetence. If you donate to it, only a small portion of your money will go to help the poor. Some of your donation will be used to drone-strike children and put them in cages, and by the way, your donation is no longer optional.

Just saying the word government doesn't magically solve healthcare. Government is just one of many possible middlemen organizations. I propose that we not involve a non-voluntary and incompetent organization in our healthcare. Instead, let's give to organizations that use a far higher percentage of donations to actually help the poor and none to drone-strike children. Push for lower taxes and spend your money on the charities you like and give governments less for war. Starve the beast.